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A good night of sleep can make or break a holiday, no matter whether you are in the outdoors or a 5 star resort.

At least when you are going into the outdoors you get to choose your own bedding ahead of time, and Nambour Disposals and Camping are here to help.

Sleeping Bags

Sleeping bags are the must have camping accessory, here at Nambour Disposals we stock a wide variety of sleeping bags to keep you warm on the coldest of winter nights.

Please feel free to pop in or give us a call to find the right bag to suit your needs.

Air Beds & Pumps

A fast inflating bed with strong construction to provide you with great support and comfort. Available is a range of sizes and heights.

Nambour Disposals also stock a variety of pumps such as 12 volt, 240 volt, foot or hand operated and even rechargeable.

Self Inflating Mattresses

A velour covered mat that provides a home-like comfort, simply open the valves and the mattress does the work for you.

Camp Stretchers

Want something to lift you off the ground? then a camp stretcher is a great accessory. Nambour Disposals stock a range of different styles and sizes available in store.

Dog Beds & Mats

If you want to give your fury friend the 5 star treatment when you take them away, Nambour Disposals stock a compact dog stretcher bed and fleecy mat to keep him/her comfortable.

A variety of accessories such as mosquito nets, pillows, fans, heaters, repair kits etc. are also available in store.

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